Hi, my name is Riccardo and I am 23 years old.

A few months ago I graduated in Mechanical Engineering. The experiences conducted during the studies (which I am still attending) on the flows of materials in industrial realities have allowed me to become aware of the waste and pollution that companies and individuals produce every day.

Large quantities of industrial waste are incinerated every day. Furniture, appliances and other objects are disposed everyday (and only partially recycled) with a large environmental impact.

Certain bad habits are slowly consuming our planet.

Left: leather waste destined for incineration. Right: wood waste that will be waste-to-energy or abandoned in a landfill.

The acquired awareness of the environmental impact of the production and disposal of materials, combined with the civic sense that my parents passed on to me, prompted me to start this project, which has an important goal:

Doing business in a socially and ecologically way, finding ways to recycle and reuse as much waste material as possible. And do it through innovative ideas.

To implement this idea, 2impact was born:

This is certainly a great ambition, with many obstacles to overcome (economic, bureaucratic, conceptual, etc …) but with ingenuity and perseverance I hope to be able to improve the reality that surrounds us and sensitize people to conscious consumption.

If you want to support my idea, I would be very happy if you decided to buy some of my creations!

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